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2 sketches from down time at work. Also I took the sketches and photographed them with my phone and used a photo editor to mess with them, leaving me with the last 2 black and white ones.






Dead Western

Painted THM

THM stands for Top Hat Man.

Anyway, Just did a quick render over the original sketch. I might go back and finish him up or see what else i can do with him.

another guy with a top hat! Sketch

Number 2 pencil and a fine tip sharpie.

Some Guy

Random sketch while i was in class.

Dynamic Figures

Hey Guys,

I’ve been super inspired by Spencer Nugent’s Sketch-A-Day and I’ve taken it upon myself to do the same thing! So here is the first one I copied some stuff from Burne Hogarths Book “Dynamic Figure Drawing” Used a pilot razor point 2 on trace.

Razor Point 2, Trace


Hey guys! Just thought i would post the label I made for me and my friends beer that we brewed!

It is pirate themed beer!

CBCtemplet3! copy


A quick thumb and refined thumb. I’m planing on taking it further.


Random Musings

I could say I’ve been busy which is partly true after getting a second job but, for the most part I have been lazy. And, looking at the time I could be spending on doing more creative things, I end up chosing something unproductive and unrewarding. Then I go into a cycle of regret and loathing that I question myself if I even have the passion to create anymore or if I was just looking for that steady job to pay my filthy habits. There are many books that have been read partially or have been unread, many drawings and sketchings that haven’t been finished, and many ideas that haven’t seen the light of day on paper. Perhaps all creative people go through this cycle of aspiration and laziness.

The Shrine Movie Artwork

Hey Guys,

Well I know I’ve been MIA for too long! So I thought I’d share what I’ve been so busy with during my sketch time! I’ve been helping my friends who are producing a feature film this summer. They asked me to work on a teaser poster for the movie and develop a logo. The movie is called “The Shrine” Here is the synopsis of the movie:

“After a young American backpacker goes missing in Europe, a group of journalists link his disappearance to a remote Polish village called Alvaina. Upon further investigation, the journalists discover that Alvaina has a history of bizarre cult activity revolving around human sacrifice. Hellbent on revealing the truth, they travel to the small village to uncover the story first hand. But after the discovery of an ancient stone statue hidden within the town, they quickly find themselves pursued by a mysterious and vengeful group of locals. Forced into the gruesome reality of true survival horror, the journalists soon realize that Alvaina hides a much darker secret than they could ever imagine.”

So I thought I’d share some of my process…

Quick Ideation Thumbnails

Quick Ideation Thumbnails

A few days in I sent them this “Comp” Artwork along with a bunch of reference images of old gargoyles and roman ruins etc. also reference images of fog as in the movie the statue is surrounded by fog. The idea was to be looking up at the statue like an observer that took a photograph of this thing. I wanted it to look like anyone could have come across this in the woods and taken a photograph. Realism was my inspiration.

Comp Artwork

Comp Artwork

This was composited with Photoshop. I had a picture of a maquette of the statue that I used to help with the poster. The next image is the result of a HUGE photoshop file where I composited pictures of trees, 3D renders of the statue and base and did alot of digital painting. It was alot of work but a lot of fun! There were many iterations to get to this but here is the final.

Final Poster

Final Poster

Thats the story of the poster. I’m going to do another post that goes through the logo design that actually proved to be more challenging than the poster itself! A movie title is a brand after all!

Mr. Fancy 2.0

Hey-O! Sooo remember the Mr. Fancy sketch….. Well here he is as a 3D model!!!

He is only 8700 triangles, meant to be a game character.

This is just the base model that i am still working on. Textures and color will come soon!



Dr. Seuss

I wasn’t lucky enough to have taken the same class that Jon, Alex, Dan and Cres took when they sketched out those dope “creature sketches” that Jon just posted.   I was fortunate enough to have the very same teacher throughout SJSU ID; Prof. John McClusky.   The connection that many of us had with him, was something that fueled the fire to strive beyond the norm.  Good, well informed design was only one of the many passions we picked up from John….Movies, Concept/Entertainment Design, Concept Artist, Sci-Fi, Infinite Futures and much more.  This sketch would be very ….Seussian…in one of Johns great qrit’s!  Thanks so much for the many inspirations John!

I sketched this around the same time JC sketched this creatures…guess it was one of our many late night sketch jam sessions!  Dude, how about that for our Lineweights “events”…Sketch Jam, Sketch Jam…

Dr. Seuss has always been one of my favorites and very influential as a young kid trying to learn to draw…Thanks Theodor Seuss Giesel!DrSuess


Side or Profile View

I have to admit that Tomasz Migurski really reinforced this idea when he saw my sketeches. Sometimes it is better to start from a side or front view of a drawing. It makes it easier on the brain and allows us to think about and break down the components of a design. Once we are comfortable with the design we can tackle it in perspective using the side and front views. Also try drawing with a really dark pen to boost your confidence in committing to your lines. This sketch was done with a fine pilot pen and Sharpies.