Side or Profile View

I have to admit that Tomasz Migurski really reinforced this idea when he saw my sketeches. Sometimes it is better to start from a side or front view of a drawing. It makes it easier on the brain and allows us to think about and break down the components of a design. Once we are comfortable with the design we can tackle it in perspective using the side and front views. Also try drawing with a really dark pen to boost your confidence in committing to your lines. This sketch was done with a fine pilot pen and Sharpies.


  1. King, your so right…side views are so important. Dell used to say that when you look at the side of an object, you see the true form….I related that too when you look at someones profile, you can see there true beauty. Also, great suggestion about using dark pens….once you make the mark its there forever!

    • dancrlo
    • July 2nd, 2009

    Yes, it becomes easier to balance the design out and create relationships in profile views. Good stuff King, keep’em coming.

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