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Go Sharks!!!

Congrats to our San Jose Sharks for beating those damn red wings…sorry Billy D, but your boys did almost give us a heart attack (we were going to put a dead octopus on your desk!)…

MeanJeans Megan and me tagging up our white board in our ID playpen…go Sharks and to all my brothers up in Burnaby, we love ya’ll but your killer whale Canucks ain’t got ish on SJ!

Love the deflating tire there MeanJeans…


Hockey Helmet

Inspiration comes from so many different places, things you see, events in your life….especially when hockey playoff season starts!  Haha! Sketched these, and many other pages out, before going over to Easton Bell for an interview….worked on a few more after the Sharks won a crazy game last night OT.  Gotta work on sketching human heads, get that proportion down….none the less, pretty fun to sketch out!

go sharks!!!

On a day like today, when the San Jose Sharks enter battle to start the Stanley Cup Playoffs, against their arch enemies the Anaheim Ducks….I could think of nothing better to sketch then the very animal they represent….The Great White Shark.  And as I sit at home by the Ocean side, and look out to the great Pacific Blue, I can think of nothing more then the fierce animal lurking below.  I wish you good luck Sharks, and may you find the inner strength that it takes to win every battle.  Go Sharks!!!


go sharks!!!