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from the doodle farm

daily doodles as the friday lingers slowly….

anyone in this meeting that tries to get in my way, i will sketch ur face off…or at least try too…


Return to the ID Room…where it all began…

It’s always so nice to step into the old studio where you:  spent days and nights sketching and cad’d it up in, drowned yourselves in rockstar drinks, almost OD and die on redline, crashed out on the couch or table and woke with magoo all up in your face, got yelled at for bringing foam into, glued gi joes to the ceiling, discovered goatse and tubgirl (do not ask), puked all over the tables after a rough night of drinking, etc….

….Dom and I broke back into the room where it all started for us this past weekend (the old ID Studio @ SJSU) and were so happy to see sketches on the walls, messy tables, new couches (thank god), and the biggest time waster-the dart board…

Here are a few of the sketches on the walls…you guys make us so proud and keep on sketching…and thanks ID Room for all the memories!!!


Been really inspired by Brian Viveros lately, I definitely want to own some of his art one of these days! Took about 5 underlays to get this one right, its still to heavy in line work, but the body pose feels right. Done on trace paper with razor point, chartpack and a bit of prisma.

Dynamic Figures

Hey Guys,

I’ve been super inspired by Spencer Nugent’s Sketch-A-Day and I’ve taken it upon myself to do the same thing! So here is the first one I copied some stuff from Burne Hogarths Book “Dynamic Figure Drawing” Used a pilot razor point 2 on trace.

Razor Point 2, Trace

bart and conference scribbles

Took Bart yesterday (thankfully no strike went down) and sketched on the way to a conference/event by PeclersParis for trend/design/cultural stuff…here are some scribbles from the Bart ride and at the event…i like scribbling on the ride since it gets rough and forces you lose control and is unpredicatable as people are coming and going, sleeping and moving…good exercises…


taking bart to the battle of the bay

Last week,  Dom and I went to the Battle of the Bay, A’s vs Giants…and as luck turned out its the 20th Anniversary of the Earthquake Series.

Being Eighties Kids, with Dom a Giants fan and myself an A’s fan…we had a blast, recalling  memories of 80’s baseball in the Bay and growing up on opposing ends.

I also took Bart this time to the game…it had been awhile,  so of course i got overwhelmed with all the people and had to draw them all, and when i got to the coliseum i went insane…i love how diverse and beautiful the people of the Bay are, just so many faces and stories to tell…here are some that i caught…

A’s win! take that Dom…oh yeah, the Giants did take this series in the end last week…


On Bart and at the Game…used a cheap red ball point (wish i didnt lose my bic)

1-web 2-web


SF Zoo Sketch Crawl- Review

We wanted to share with everyone the wonderful work that everyone that came out on June 14 @ the SF Zoo.   Sketching animals that are moving around, at a pretty good distance can be quite a challenge…but so many people did such fantastic work! Also, check out the photos that our 2 wonderful photographers shot all throughout the day!  Thanks again all, and please share it with every person on this big happy planet you know!

Oh, before I forget….would anyone be interested in getting this work in a MINI BOOK form?

Who didnt get a copy of our first SKETCH BOOK?  Hit us up, we will hook you up with one!  They turned out awesome Jon!






Sketch Crawl @ SF ZOO- June 14th

Hello all,

Lineweights would like to invite you to a sketch crawl @ the SF Zoo on June 14th.  This event is open to all, so please spread the word and bring friends (help us guerilla market this, print and pass out the flyers:) !  We need you to RSVP as soon as possible to reserve discount tickets for entry into the Zoo.  Email us at to RSVP.  We plan on sketching from 12-5pm, and just like the premise of Lineweights…this event is very simple, for everyone to grow/learn/sketch together.  To follow, we will meet at the Riptide (right around the corner) for cocktail hour.  We hope to see you then!

Lineweights SFZoo Flyer_UPDATED2

beautiful fighter

Well, I was asked to draw a “sexy” chick, and I finally had some time to search for the right pose and draw her today. Here is the process I used to draw this “life” drawing. In this case the pose was from a picture I found on the internet of a nude model. I changed her pose slightly. My objective was to make her have both a sensual pose and look on her face, instead of that of a cold blooded killer. The medium used for this drawing will be pencil. I started the drawing off on regular photocopy/bond paper.


1. First and foremost is to get the correct pose of the person down. At this point, you also have to make sure the drawing will fit on the page. I start by drawing loose and gestural bone structures to get the overall gesture. In order to proportion the body correctly, I use the size of the head as a reference and split up the paper. This allows me to easily make sure the proportions are correct. Remember to draw light, and don’t bother using an eraser.


2. The most important step at this point is to check to make sure the posture, proportions, and locations for all of the body parts are correct. If they are too far off, you can always start over since you have not invested a lot of time at this stage of the drawing. Start off with light and gestural contour lines to draw in the body. Recheck the proportions, and then pick the correct line and darken it, following the nuances of the model. Once the outline of the body is drawn in and looks correct, the facial features can be drawn in.


3. I will usually photocopy the drawing and work out designs for clothing, armor, accessories, etc.


4. Once I have everything correctly proportioned, and the details of the clothing are decided on, I will use the drawing as an underlay and trace over it with Bienfang Graphics 360 marker paper. As I trace I change the pencil pressure to create light to dark lines keeping in mind my light source. This gives the drawing more life and a sense of light. The details are all refined and the drawing is done and ready for photoshop, or shading. Unfortunately I was at the limit of my scanner and so the detail of the sword’s saya (scabbard) did not come through. If needed, you can use a kneaded eraser to lighten up dark lines, etc.

shotgun blast of faces…

here is a assortment of the various and unique faces that i have encountered at school…i just decided to compile them onto one huge page and there’s still a bunch more…buried in notes and sketchbooks…enjoy! and if you happen to find yourself here, thanks for being there to sketch!