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101! Indy Grab

Still working on people in all kinds of positions, tough stuff.

Indy grab

Indy grab




For my first official posted sketch, a quick charactercher of a celeberity.

Giant Fishbowl

Here is a really quick sketch of this Giant Ornate Fishbowl, for a story that Jon and I are working on.  Lots of metal guild wrapping around hand formed glass…I envision this being something you could have found 400 years ago at Taj Mahal, full of exotic fish, and surrounded by pillows and women dressed in scarves and robes feeding me grapes and fanning away the heat and….oh, ya, so the Giant Fishbowl…its huge!  giant-fishbowl_small

IDSketching visits Viz Alliance @SJSU

Back when Dom and I were in school we started this after school sketchclub, Viz Alliance…our mission was simple, to get people in our program excited about sketching and to keep at it everyday (its all about the mileage)…we also pulled in the Illustration/Animation cats to get this “Alliance” lifted…we showed the Gnomon workshop videos and brought in professionals in Industrial Design and Illustration to do live sketch demos for us…

This last Thursday, the new Viz Alliance crew (Tony, Jeff, & David) invited the IDSketching guys, John & Spencer to do demos (digital and analog)…and everyone had a blast…Spencer represented the Prismacolor pencils and markers, while John rocked the Wacom using Sketchbook Pro…these super talented cats work @ Astro Studios, and run the best online sketch demo/tutorial site on the net,…make sure to check it out!!!….and thanks again to Tony, Jeff, & David for keeping Viz Alliance going and spreading the word…

Photos of the Demo…


Where are the mechs???

Thanks Jon for figuring out the adding members to blog issue.  Pretty complicated stuff.  Thanks for allowing me to be part of this group as well.  I hope to learn and develop my lineweight skills and become up to par with the caliber of sketching here.

Spider Mech

goggling into the metaverse

totally random noodles…snow crash goggles…


old man on deathbed and the anticipating vulture…

Car Guy’s character, the old man, returns…this time on his deathbead, a vulture awaits as gramps is coughing up what looks like his dentures and a feather…i just hope this isn’t the last we see of him…


Cyclestone strikes back…

As we continue to struggle with wordpress and our user settings…i will continue to post cyclestone’s (Jason) stuff…here are some rough car sketches…he’s working on posting stuff up on our “tutorials page”, so look out for that!


Sad Princess Gorilla

Just messin around in front of the TV…messed up the feet, I’ll try again after this…

Don't cry princess...

Don't cry princess...

Snowboarder Doodles`

Super rough, just workin on proportions and figure. Had to get something up its been too long. My goal was to do one a day. Jon is keeping it real that way…good job!

Grasp Method

Grasp Method

Old man and his kitten…by carguy

Dan “the car guy” strikes again in this piece, showcasing an old man with a kitten playing with his bag of urine…he doesn’t seem at all bothered by the flies or the kitten tugging on the bag attached to the tube attached to his caphiter…wtf dan…


Valkyrie…sketch for my Pops

If there’s 2 things my Pops loves…it’s America and Fighter Jets (especially the JSF and Raptor)…so i sketched him a jet to put up on his wall at work…hope you like it, love you Dad!



Final Sketch


shotgun blast of faces…

here is a assortment of the various and unique faces that i have encountered at school…i just decided to compile them onto one huge page and there’s still a bunch more…buried in notes and sketchbooks…enjoy! and if you happen to find yourself here, thanks for being there to sketch!