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A few of my favorites 2.0…

Here are a few more of my favorites compiled into one post.¬† Enjoy ūüôā


No more battlestar galactica…

As i count the hours till the last episode of my favorite show, battlestar galactica (actually its a tie with lost), i found this old sketch i did while waiting in line for the premiere of Razor…tears rolling down my face as i remember the good times and all the cool fellow nerds i met…



I was trying to do a self portrait but it wasnt that great so i zombified myself!

me zombie

Rough Seas!

went for a quicky! about 15 min in photoshop.

Rough Seas

Happy St. Patty’s Day

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!¬† Wanted to share this sketch/tattoo design I did for a good friend a while back.¬†¬†¬† Let the Jameson and Guiness flow like water today!


Lightning / Canyon

So this is an illustration ive been workin on for one of my classes. Its unfinished but i just wanted to see what you guys thought of it.

Lightning / Canyon

Girl with the Green Ribbon…

Here she is…i dropped a few thumbnails for this awhile back on lineweights…finally found my inspiration in the haunting and provocative¬† work of Audrey Kawasaki…


Hello Robotron!

Here’s another on that crazy old school HP transparency/film type paper in prismacolor….wish i could scan in the rest of the mummy on the left, i unfortunately drew him bigger than an 11×17…these sketches were inspired by the Art Center cats down south!


The General…

Here’s one of the sketches i did on that crazy old school HP transparency/film type paper¬† that Dom and I appropriated for the archives of SJSU…a gift from the gods…it loves prismacolor pencils…Dom we need to have another jam session…


10 min Life Drawing Challenge

draw the most creative and interesting pose the human body can make.


Puss in Boots

did a quick sketch for the “Puss in boots”¬† character of the week contest for



Derby Racer




Based off the tutorial by Spencer over at….