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The newest addition to lineweights…jason stone…a little background on this ultra talented cat…he graduated from Academy of Art (SF), worked at Ford, Insight, did some consulting, returned to Academy of Art to teach Viz 1 classes and now is the design mgr/senior designer where i work…dom & i are working on getting him a slot here, but for now im just gonna post some of the stuff i swiped from his desk…jason will also be posting tutorials and tools soon (the stuff he used when teaching at the Academy)…he loves transportation design and always tells me “Wheels FIRST!!!…always draw your wheels first!!!”…thanks jstone for jumping on board!


quick audi sketch


magoo…lamb chasin

A twisted version of little bo peep with the man who’s in love with sheep…Dan please explain…


totally rando

random fav’s


insight into the mind of the Car Guy…i’m worried

Like i said in the previous post…be prepared for some sick, twisted stuff…i am not responsible for Dan’s brain nor shall i be held accountable…

title: chicken


Introducing…Dan Carrillo

Sorry about lagging on posting stuff…but here is a new addition to L-Dub, Dan “the car guy” Carrillo…i asked him to do some rhino studies as an exercise and heres what he came up with…he’s been having problems logging into WordPress, but once he gets in, be prepared for some scary s*t….

Rhino low perspective


Rhino heads



This is our dear friend Thomas, who is actually a bright designer despite his neanderthalish appearance…thanks for always being a good sport and not punching me in the face!


Bunch of crazy heads…

Inspired by some of my favorite illustrators…sketching crazy heads is one of my favorite things in the world…can’t stop…must draw something else…


Fairies and flowers and stuff

Yes, it is true…dom and i were sketching fairies for a minute…and you know what? it was actually fun…this led to me landing my toughest clients, my lovely nieces who demaded fairies left and right, nothing less than perfect…but i love my girls and whatever they want they get…by the way, Neena, i hope u didnt lose your tinkerbell sketch…

here are the inital underlays for Rani the water fairy


and the final


Car’s Sally


disney fairies, pixies and sparklydoo’s

Sketches of Iridessa, the Fairy of LIGHT!  Now, you maybe asking yourself…why on earth is Dominic sketching little fairy’s when he is such a man’s man…well my friends, I embraced my inner 7 year old girl and fell in love with Disney Fairies when working on a project involving these Disney Characters.  Iridessa’s heart does lye with another thou…jon may have a few things to say about all this…



Dolores park 09

shaky hand style

shaky hand style

Mr. Printis

Hi Anthony thanks for all the sketch demos and having the patience to put up with us knuckle heads (especially dom)!


that crazy harley…

From my favorite animated series…Batman…here’s my crazy girl, harley