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Beautiful fighter 2.0

More of a futuristic character. This is pencil on bondpaper, then traced with Graphics 360. This drawing was conceived in thumbnail sketch form and drawn larger. This was not done by life drawing, but by using perspective and known proportions:

Process: Planning(thumbnails), rough proportions, rough sketch, finalizing costume, alt costume1, alt2.

bf2-1bf2-2bf2-3bf2 i4bf2-i1bf2 i2

Final (for now):

Beautiful Fighter 2 Small


Head Studies

Hey Guys,

Here is some of the work I’ve been doing from my newly aquired Burne Hogarth books…let me know what you think.


Girl with the Green Ribbon…

Here she is…i dropped a few thumbnails for this awhile back on lineweights…finally found my inspiration in the haunting and provocative  work of Audrey Kawasaki…


The Girl with the Green Ribbon

One of my favorite stories when i was a kid…here are some  quick thumbnails for this w.i.p.