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Another day…another battle, bigger than the last….

Men are at war with each other, because every man is at war with himself – W

Quick sketch inspired by a painting by A.Wood…today  just felt like another one of these, just when you thought the week was over…


Making suggestions for later on details…

One most important thing about sketching I remind people are they are your personal notes to something that may become refined later on. I think a lot of people are apprehensive when it comes to sketching because what they draw doesn’t look exactly what they saw or what they imagine. Bringing and idea to completion takes time. Even the great masters took the time to plan and figure out how to get to the final piece of their work.

Sketching is a lot like note taking. You want to take as much as you can so you can go back to it for reference. You’ll most likely do more sketches after that to refine you idea. Below is a sketch of a droid I thought up quickly in my head. All the lines are merely suggestions of robotic and mechanical parts, nothing very specific, but just a quick and general idea. I can go back to this sketch to refine areas I want to later on to finalize the final idea of the droid. When sketching don’t draw the the details, make a suggestion of them, quick and fast.

robots n trooper

Was checking out Spencer’s new blog…sketch a day…and it is so inspiring and something we should all be shooting for, sketching everyday…whatever it is, just keep on pounding the mileage…by the way, if you haven’t picked up Mechanika by Doug Chiang

…….please do so immediately!!!

Mobile Post Test: Robots

Here is a quick sketch I did while out and about, but wanted to share it with LW’s quickly…so, im testing out the iPhone’s ability to get a nice posting up on wordpress. Sketched this on brown bag paper, took a photo, edited it with the Photoshop Mobile app and uploaded it with the WordPress app. I really want to explore the possibilities of sharing sketches/art/inspiration, quickly and at times when you dont have full computer access! Lets us know what you think… this concpet might become a regular on Lineweights! Enjoy!


PowerUp robot. copy

So here is my first sketch I would like to share, one of many, many, many, to come…

Popped into my head few days ago transferred onto paper (Hammermill Color Copy 28lb) and bk ballpoint. I like how the marker (Copic or ChartPak) lays on that paper and the pen rolls smoothly, it scans nice and clean too.

The idea popped into my head after I walked the Zoo and saw a grizzly sitting there upright on its behind. I wanted to get the sitting gesture right and positions of the arms so I tried it a few times before I commited. The perspective is a bit shaky because I did not construct any boxes or axis lines… this is what happens… just showing this as an example of what not to do.

I am really glad and honored to be here. Enjoy. Thank you.

we are PVC

I will never be able to afford these sweet vinyl toys…so all i can do is draw them and hope someone is kind enough to buy me one for my birthday…which reminds me, i forgot to finish rapunzel for my niece…woops….back to the drawing board!


robotech vf-1d

here’s a sketch out of a storyboard i’m brainstorming for the rumored ROBOTECH live-action movie that is supposedly in the works.

i was hoping to create a diy trailer teaser in celebration of the movie coming out.  how i’m going to do that, i guess we’ll wait and see, right kingsley?



More of my doodles from a while back.


Hello Robotron!

Here’s another on that crazy old school HP transparency/film type paper in prismacolor….wish i could scan in the rest of the mummy on the left, i unfortunately drew him bigger than an 11×17…these sketches were inspired by the Art Center cats down south!