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Gavino & Kike

I wasn’t sure what to post next. Opportunity presented itself last night. I went to my very talented friend’s gig @ Mezcal’s in San Jose. We both did what we love. He played and I sketched and listened. Given I came in kinda late but I still managed to put few lines in. Gavino plays just about any string instrument under the sun – guitar, vihuela, sitar, ukalele, etc… I heard him play sitar once, which moved me very deeply, I am looking forward to sketching that up sometime. With him and his buddies (Enrique and Jose) jam away every Tuesday. If anyone of you likes spanish, latino, improv music come down to Mezcal downtown San Jose every Tuesday night – I believe it starts @ 7pm.

Kike is on the left and Gavino is on the right I didn’t have the time to manifest Jose (bass) :/. All that you see is about 30 min worth on Bienfang 360 and bk ballpoint. Enjoy.




PowerUp robot. copy

So here is my first sketch I would like to share, one of many, many, many, to come…

Popped into my head few days ago transferred onto paper (Hammermill Color Copy 28lb) and bk ballpoint. I like how the marker (Copic or ChartPak) lays on that paper and the pen rolls smoothly, it scans nice and clean too.

The idea popped into my head after I walked the Zoo and saw a grizzly sitting there upright on its behind. I wanted to get the sitting gesture right and positions of the arms so I tried it a few times before I commited. The perspective is a bit shaky because I did not construct any boxes or axis lines… this is what happens… just showing this as an example of what not to do.

I am really glad and honored to be here. Enjoy. Thank you.