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Use the force…

Hello all,

Its literally been light years since our last post.   With the recent formation of a workshop/art studio, I now have some space to reconnect to the work I love.  Last night I was lucky enough to go to my brother Joey’s art show @ Backspace Retail in Sonora, Ca.  Seeing him create beautiful work and share it with friends, family, strangers off the street..gave me that feeling of reconnecting with the art roots inside me.  So naturally I went straight one of my greatest sources of inspiration…star wars and yoda! Check out the step by step process I took to create a few pieces that are now hanging up in the workshop!  Enjoy!

Felix the Cat

Happy Birthday dad!  My dad sketched this really cute felix the cat that we used to have floating around the house when my brother and I were kids (ill have to try to find it).  I always loved this sketch, because MY DAD drew it and it looked so much like the real Felix!  He always sketched cute little characters like this and im positive that his influence (my moms too) is what lead my brother and I to art.  Felix is a totally under rated cartoon character and influenced other characters from the early days of animation till today!

I sketched these out as a present for my dad for his birthday!  Hope you like it dad!

Enjoy! 🙂


Happy Mikulás!

Happy Mikulás baba!  I just wanted to share with you today on Hungarian Mikulás a happy evening!

Mikulás is similar to a Santa Clause like figure, but he represent Saint Nicholas

Traditionally on Mikulas children put out their freshly cleaned boot on the window sill waiting for him to come by in the night and fill their boots with treats.  Good kids get things like sweets, nuts fruit, chocolate, while the bad kids get coal, switches and wooden spoons! This year Zsuzsa gets both 🙂

Boldog Mikulás! (happy mikulas)



Batman #1 is out!

Today Batman #1, part of DC’s All New 52 came out!  I cant put this comic down, fantastic art work by Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder and Jonathan Glapion!  Started with one post it, and worked my way out..I might just sketch the whole cover using post its.  Hope you enjoy!

This is Brett!

Quick sketch of our great co-worker Brett!  Rock on buddy!


Lord Kensington

Here @ Kensington we are proud of our rich history and heritage that stands the test of time from generation to generation.  Kensington was originally founded by The Honourable William Edwardes Kensington the 4th, also known as the Baron of Kensington or Lord Kensington.   As a very eccentric and avid lock collector, Lord Kensington was a very important figure in the County of Middlesex.   In 1868 he was elected to the House of Commons for Havefordwest, and held the Security Seat until 1872.  Lord Kensington never lost sight for his love of  collecting mid-evil locks, widgets and all sorts of gizmos.   Apart from his political career he also held the honorary post of Chief Lieutenant of Redwood Shire.    In 1873, Lord Kensington invented a mechanical tamper proof, tumbling device for the Earl of Limrick, to lock down his expensive computational instruments and gauges.  He filled for his first patent that very same year and he turned his love of collecting locks into much much more.

New Blood: Introducing Tony Ton

We would like to introduce a new contributor to the Lineweights website, our good friend Tony Ton.  Tony has a great eye for design and loves to sketch!  Welcome Tony, looking forward to more sketches to come!