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vw surfer dude

yo everyone, its been a while with all this madness with work and finals. Forgot about all that shit and decided to put that pen on wac…surfer vw dude.


Life is fast

YO! everyone. I try and draw trans every now and then. Its a fun and good way to get some mileage in. Inspiration was Anthony Printis is a few of these drawings. Especially the truck. Drew that when I was at bae working on the JLTV.

warmups before class starts!!

Some quick stuff before the semester starts. Still have a few robots I have to get out of my head since the last project. Drawing some boxes to practice that perspective. I was on the Caltrain up to San Francisco and decided to draw a train. Board drinking a coffee and had my watch to draw.

tower case

Good morning all! here are some drawings for a computer tower. Not the most innovative product but it was fun to explore materials and textures while drawing. Until next time!



Hey guys, here are the final shots of the finished product. I call it hill, for obvious reasons..hehe. It’s is an interplay of floor, wall, and roof to break up our flat campus. My inspiration was the silicone valley hills that surround us. There is some more stuff on this on my site at

SJSU Space

Here is some stuff from this semester. Urban design for SJSU. It was a fun project.


Hey guys! My first post on lineweights. Thanks Jon for getting me connected. Here are some robots that I drew for a project I did studing in Paris. I look forward in posting some more stuff. HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone!