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robot monkey and skeleton study

Robot monkeys facinate me!


T-rex 2.0

Here is the resketch, based off the small thumbnail.

Nice Trex, Nice Trex…good boy, now play dead…


T-rex Thumbnail

…T-rex thumbnail sketch done last night on the ride home.  I started the larger version of it, watch out for them later today.


People on MUNI

Just a few random people I sketched while riding the train home from work…


Lucky #7

…so when I stumbled up those Racer Ships thumbnails today,  I decided to sketch one out in closer detail.  I used the bottom left thumbnail from the prevous post and sketched it out on 11×17.  Here is…Lucky #7


Racer Ship- Thumbnails

A few months ago I thumbnailed a few pages of flying/ racer ships, and sort of forgot all about them.  Here is just one page, the bottom left corner ship has a cool feel to it.


ship demo 1.1


ship demo 1


Ocean City

You never know…



Tonka + Stealth + Tank= Something.  Dont know what thou.  How can a tank be stealth with those huge tracks?  No idea.

Tonka Army

Evil Monkey!

Watching over my shoulder…making sure I’m always working…


Where it all began for me…

Back in 95′ I attended this show before I knew what I wanted to do in life…

….it changed my world.


Inaugural Lineweights…

Hello all,

As the inaugural posting for Lineweights, it just seemed right to start with the tools we work with and how they can play an important role in a sketch.  We will be posting sketches daily from our sketchbooks…as a creative expression, a means for progression and hopefully a bit of inspiration for  others…. so please check back.

Enjoy Lineweights!