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quick chair sketches

Chair project I did back inschool (prisma+ballpooint):


Senior Project Sketches

Its been some time since I had to opportunity to post anything up here.  So, here are some quick sketches and color studies from my portfolio that I did back in school.


This is a technique I use to loosen up and try to break the monotony when designing. We tend to fall into drawing the same shapes etc. To break out of that I use a piece of scrap paper, a piece used for calisthenics is the best, and draw random scribbles. The scribbles will start to look like objects or have a certain dynamic that is appealing. From those scribbles, I usually pull out lines and shapes that give interesting proportions or objects. Doing this usually frees me up and at times I’m able to pull good stuff, but it doesn’t work all the time.



I thought this would be funny.  I used to date a girl that was vegan, and she wouldn’t eat anything with a face.  I used to joke that if veggies would scream, maybe she would start eating meat again.  Quick sketch pencil on paper.veggies

Beautiful fighter 2.0

More of a futuristic character. This is pencil on bondpaper, then traced with Graphics 360. This drawing was conceived in thumbnail sketch form and drawn larger. This was not done by life drawing, but by using perspective and known proportions:

Process: Planning(thumbnails), rough proportions, rough sketch, finalizing costume, alt costume1, alt2.

bf2-1bf2-2bf2-3bf2 i4bf2-i1bf2 i2

Final (for now):

Beautiful Fighter 2 Small

beautiful fighter

Well, I was asked to draw a “sexy” chick, and I finally had some time to search for the right pose and draw her today. Here is the process I used to draw this “life” drawing. In this case the pose was from a picture I found on the internet of a nude model. I changed her pose slightly. My objective was to make her have both a sensual pose and look on her face, instead of that of a cold blooded killer. The medium used for this drawing will be pencil. I started the drawing off on regular photocopy/bond paper.


1. First and foremost is to get the correct pose of the person down. At this point, you also have to make sure the drawing will fit on the page. I start by drawing loose and gestural bone structures to get the overall gesture. In order to proportion the body correctly, I use the size of the head as a reference and split up the paper. This allows me to easily make sure the proportions are correct. Remember to draw light, and don’t bother using an eraser.


2. The most important step at this point is to check to make sure the posture, proportions, and locations for all of the body parts are correct. If they are too far off, you can always start over since you have not invested a lot of time at this stage of the drawing. Start off with light and gestural contour lines to draw in the body. Recheck the proportions, and then pick the correct line and darken it, following the nuances of the model. Once the outline of the body is drawn in and looks correct, the facial features can be drawn in.


3. I will usually photocopy the drawing and work out designs for clothing, armor, accessories, etc.


4. Once I have everything correctly proportioned, and the details of the clothing are decided on, I will use the drawing as an underlay and trace over it with Bienfang Graphics 360 marker paper. As I trace I change the pencil pressure to create light to dark lines keeping in mind my light source. This gives the drawing more life and a sense of light. The details are all refined and the drawing is done and ready for photoshop, or shading. Unfortunately I was at the limit of my scanner and so the detail of the sword’s saya (scabbard) did not come through. If needed, you can use a kneaded eraser to lighten up dark lines, etc.


More of my doodles from a while back.



Here are some quick doodles I sketched a while back.  This was still col-erase pencils with Hi-Tec C’s on sketch paper.



I drew up a few quick sketches to play with proportion of head/boadie (body) size.  The second dude kinda looks like Jason Furby.

landlord penfurby

female faces


Faces 2

I’m trying out different styles.  Pilot Hi-Tec C’s do not work well over Verithins




Street Fighter Faces

street fighter heads