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under construction…still sketching…

Hi Everyone,

Please mind the mess as we are working on revamping our site…you will notice text out of place, no sense of graphic design, on and on…but this won’t stop us from sketching…here’s me screwin around still trying to make my own vinyl…screamin chicken, zombie babies, horned things, whatever…and i love the art work for Bioshock 2, reminds me of  my favorite comic book artist/illustrator, Ashley Wood…


@ las vegas…circus de soleil mystere

Wow…longtime no post…sorry we’ve been quite the busy bees @ work  and haven’t had time to post…we’ve also been planning our Lineweights Europe trip…we’ll be going to visit Dan’s home country of Spain then going to Paris and lastly chilling in London with my cousins out there…and of course we’ll be sketching throughout, packing the moleskins with all sorts of random stuff

Anyways, I was in Vegas celebrating a close friend’s birthday and we went to watch circus de soleil: mystere, and it was the best show ever…i fell right in and chased the white rabbit and never looked back…when i got back to my hotel room i doodled some things i saw or thought i saw…


Of Goats and Men

I often enjoy drawing weird people just to see if I can capture the essence of what makes them weird.  Other times I just like drawing for the hell of it.  This is just a quick sketch of the face of a centaur.


totally rando

random fav’s


Introducing…Dan Carrillo

Sorry about lagging on posting stuff…but here is a new addition to L-Dub, Dan “the car guy” Carrillo…i asked him to do some rhino studies as an exercise and heres what he came up with…he’s been having problems logging into WordPress, but once he gets in, be prepared for some scary s*t….

Rhino low perspective


Rhino heads



Sketched this guy on this crazy old school HP transparencey/ film type paper, that Jon and I picked up from the archives of SJSU ID.  Sweet stuff!  I used prismacolor pencils and Ad Markers on the back of it, to control the pencil/linework on one side, and marker/color on the other.