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Return to the ID Room…where it all began…

It’s always so nice to step into the old studio where you:  spent days and nights sketching and cad’d it up in, drowned yourselves in rockstar drinks, almost OD and die on redline, crashed out on the couch or table and woke with magoo all up in your face, got yelled at for bringing foam into, glued gi joes to the ceiling, discovered goatse and tubgirl (do not ask), puked all over the tables after a rough night of drinking, etc….

….Dom and I broke back into the room where it all started for us this past weekend (the old ID Studio @ SJSU) and were so happy to see sketches on the walls, messy tables, new couches (thank god), and the biggest time waster-the dart board…

Here are a few of the sketches on the walls…you guys make us so proud and keep on sketching…and thanks ID Room for all the memories!!!


smart truck

What if Smart Car…..made a truck?  While I was working the other day, I stared out the window at a Smart Car and thought….wow, it might be cool if they made a cute little truck.  Make it a bit longer, add a really short bed, could be pretty sweet!  ….no no, not a Isuzu Brat….a Smart Truck! 


The newest addition to lineweights…jason stone…a little background on this ultra talented cat…he graduated from Academy of Art (SF), worked at Ford, Insight, did some consulting, returned to Academy of Art to teach Viz 1 classes and now is the design mgr/senior designer where i work…dom & i are working on getting him a slot here, but for now im just gonna post some of the stuff i swiped from his desk…jason will also be posting tutorials and tools soon (the stuff he used when teaching at the Academy)…he loves transportation design and always tells me “Wheels FIRST!!!…always draw your wheels first!!!”…thanks jstone for jumping on board!


quick audi sketch