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Mr. Magoo- caricature sketch

During many of our design studio classes, there was nothing more fun than sketching a caricature of people in the class.   We had a really solid group of students moving through the Industrial Design program ahead of us…who helped to inspire the drive of  Always Sketching …. One of our favorite subjects was our beloved teacher Tomasz Migurski @ SJSU ID.  Here is one of the pages I found, rummaging through old sketches.  I know you guys have more sketches (Jon, Alex, Dan and Kings!)…post’m up!



magoo…lamb chasin

A twisted version of little bo peep with the man who’s in love with sheep…Dan please explain…


Fighting to stay awake in a storm of nebulous notions

Found this old sketch i did trying to stay awake during one of Magoo’s endless rambles about LEDs, photovoltaics, bucky fuller,  and  nebulous notions…


Magoo’s poetic machine…

Brainstormin on how we/nature protects ourselves