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from the doodle farm

daily doodles as the friday lingers slowly….

anyone in this meeting that tries to get in my way, i will sketch ur face off…or at least try too…


New Year’s Resolution…quit being lazy and post more often…

No excuses…I’ve been lazy and haven’t been posting despite Dom’s violent threats to kick me of Lineweights and punch me in the face and smash my wrists with a sledgehammer…so for this New Year I will post more, that gives me 2 more days of laziness ūüôā

I bought my Dad a MacBook Pro for Christmas and was playing around with the Photo Booth thingy…interesting characters, its nice to do a self portrait that’s goofy, fun, quick and loose…

Dominique…the paper and pen connoisseur

A quick sketch of Domy…hows that there tooth on that canson paper? hahahah

Happy New Year from Lineweights!!!…i know i’m 5 days late…sorry

We here @ Lineweights wish everyone a Happy New Year! We’re planning good things for twenty10 like another sketch crawl somewhere, a new look for the blog, new demo’s, and more stuff (please feel free to email us any suggestions!)

Here’s some rando noodling i¬†neglected¬†to post last year…dom doesnt like the sketch i did of him, but whatever, its not my fault he looks like that…

street sweeper social club

The soundtrack for the Lineweights REVOLUTION has come!

Our boy Tom Morello has teamed up with MC/Activist/Artist/Front man of The Coup…Boots Riley.¬†¬† Morello representing the SoCal, Boots from the mean streets of Oakland representing NorCal…join together to spread the word of uprising, change and revolution.¬† Street Sweeper Social Club is….”more than a band, it’s a social club.”¬† Love the idea of looking at MUSIC as more than the “individual band”, but more about the SOCIAL group it creates.¬† Thats the same reason why Lineweights is online!¬† Enjoy the boombox-tommy gun-earshot!

StreetSweeperBoomBoxTom and Boots

david carradine tribute: a portrait sketch demo

Rest in peace David Carradine.¬† Like Jon mentioned in his tribute sketch, we lost a huge inspiration to many and a hero to all.¬†¬† I decided to work this sketch in a demo format, sketching and scanning at each stage to show the progress.¬†¬† I used just simple trace with black verithin-prisma.¬† You will be missed…

Step 1: This initial sketch is done with basic straight lines.

(A). You start by breaking the page down with lines that extend off the page.   These lines are the dominate composition lines, that help to dictate the main shapes and force of the sketch.

(B).  Next you use Medium length lines  (built off of the extended lines from A.) to help rough some of the bigger shapes, head, hands body are usually roughly formed.

(C).  Using smaller lines, you help complete some of the rough shapes and help to begin the detail elements of the sketch.

Basic line break down

Step 2:  Using the sketch from Step 1 as an underlay, here we begin a new sketch by blocking out the basic shapes.  Circles, triangles, cross section lines and roughly blocked out lines.

Primary shape sketch w/ beginning detailsStep 3:¬† Using the sketch from Step 2 as an underlay, we start a new sketch using the underlay as the “framework” to hang the more gestural/ expressive line work.¬† Here we are looking to shape most of the final details, begin to build hierarchy and contrast in the line quality and look for value shifts.¬† As the building of line work continues, its important to sketch “inside” the lines…using the cross section lines as reference, you can shape areas like the cheek, nose, mouth, eyes, etc.

Shaped Linework and initial shadingStep 4:  Here we have taken the sketch from Step 3, a little further with shading, cross hatching, feathering, etc.  Using different techniques to help build in value, keeps the sketch alive and dynamic.  Working with those different uses of the pencil, you can sepreate skin from cloth, etc.   Finishing the light details on the face and hands, help to finialize the sketch.  The last few details, I like to rough in a background, to help the portrait step off the page.  Hope you can get something from this technique I was taught in a Figure Drawing/Painting class.  Enjoy!

Final Sketch

vamp beauty

referencing from a photo,  i was trying to do mainly hatching in one direction to somehow shape the form of her head Рespecially in her hair.

trying out the red pen thing.  all my pens suck.  i was working on this and the ink kept leaving wet spots so i would start blotching all over this.  i now have dried red ink on the underside of my hand opposite of my thumb. had to cut it short.

looking like a good thing that i stopped! didn’t want to over-work this.



Just bought some new Pigma Micron pens with 0.20 mm line width. Did the initial sketch with the Micron (you can still see the thin lines at the nose, chin and eyes), then went over with a Pilot Precise V5. Pretty fun, never worked with anything so thin before. Did about half of this sketch at work today, finished the rest at home. I referenced an illustration that I saw online. This isn’t my normal style, but it felt right to attempt something untried with these new pens.

“dream on”-Steven Tyler

This is post 2 of the Rock Star series of portrait paintings.¬† Steven Tyler was painted for my very close cousin Catrina, who has the painting hanging in her home.¬† As well, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to hang the first print of this painting in Steven Tyler’s dressing room back in 2002 @ Shoreline Amphitheater.¬† Prior to him going on stage he called my house and I spoke with him for several minutes! Really him! ¬† He called to thank me for the gift ( I gave him the print that hung in the dressing room), so he now owns print 1. ¬† I thought it was a friend playing a joke, but no, he said….”this is f***ing Steven Tyler man!”¬† I then spoke with his band manager several time after that, regarding Tyler buying the original from me.¬† We planned to meet up when they were in town, I kept in contact with them for a few years, but have since lost contact.¬† Hopefully he still has the print…I like to think its hanging in his house somewhere.¬†¬† If your watching our Lineweights page Steven Tyler…hit me up!¬† Enjoy.