“dream on”-Steven Tyler

This is post 2 of the Rock Star series of portrait paintings.  Steven Tyler was painted for my very close cousin Catrina, who has the painting hanging in her home.  As well, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to hang the first print of this painting in Steven Tyler’s dressing room back in 2002 @ Shoreline Amphitheater.  Prior to him going on stage he called my house and I spoke with him for several minutes! Really him!   He called to thank me for the gift ( I gave him the print that hung in the dressing room), so he now owns print 1.   I thought it was a friend playing a joke, but no, he said….”this is f***ing Steven Tyler man!”  I then spoke with his band manager several time after that, regarding Tyler buying the original from me.  We planned to meet up when they were in town, I kept in contact with them for a few years, but have since lost contact.  Hopefully he still has the print…I like to think its hanging in his house somewhere.   If your watching our Lineweights page Steven Tyler…hit me up!  Enjoy.


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