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Just bought some new Pigma Micron pens with 0.20 mm line width. Did the initial sketch with the Micron (you can still see the thin lines at the nose, chin and eyes), then went over with a Pilot Precise V5. Pretty fun, never worked with anything so thin before. Did about half of this sketch at work today, finished the rest at home. I referenced an illustration that I saw online. This isn’t my normal style, but it felt right to attempt something untried with these new pens.


rescuing rapunzel…

As everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Disney/Pixar, and I’m totally excited about their new film Rapunzel…so I’m roughing out a sketch for my little niece (the Boss), Asia…it’ll be a two part sketch with the following and a shot of her looking out of the tower with her hair flowing down..i’ll update the post once i finish…unfortuately i’m gonna be outta town this holiday weekend…so here’s an early look at what i got so far…