@ las vegas…circus de soleil mystere

Wow…longtime no post…sorry we’ve been quite the busy bees @ work  and haven’t had time to post…we’ve also been planning our Lineweights Europe trip…we’ll be going to visit Dan’s home country of Spain then going to Paris and lastly chilling in London with my cousins out there…and of course we’ll be sketching throughout, packing the moleskins with all sorts of random stuff

Anyways, I was in Vegas celebrating a close friend’s birthday and we went to watch circus de soleil: mystere, and it was the best show ever…i fell right in and chased the white rabbit and never looked back…when i got back to my hotel room i doodled some things i saw or thought i saw…


  1. Bro, nice sketch! Gotta see Circ, heard its the best show in Vegas, well best we can all talk about. Sooooo, anyways….nice work brotha!

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    • ThejsuN
    • September 25th, 2009

    Great stuff jon. Hope i’m able to do the Eurotrip. Sounds real cool.

  2. way cool! i took a bus to see that on my 21st B-day and was amazed of course. Glad to hear it’s still playing. Next one i want to see is “O” for sure. After 4-5 “land and aerial based” cirques, they’re pretty similar- but in water!? that’s gotta be pretty sweet.

    • joncorpuz
    • October 28th, 2009

    Thanks Jason and Allen! yeah “O” is the best from what i hear and its underwater…lineweights field trip to Circus de soleil, might be expensive tho…

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