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under construction…still sketching…

Hi Everyone,

Please mind the mess as we are working on revamping our site…you will notice text out of place, no sense of graphic design, on and on…but this won’t stop us from sketching…here’s me screwin around still trying to make my own vinyl…screamin chicken, zombie babies, horned things, whatever…and i love the art work for Bioshock 2, reminds me of  my favorite comic book artist/illustrator, Ashley Wood…

Introducing…Dan Carrillo

Sorry about lagging on posting stuff…but here is a new addition to L-Dub, Dan “the car guy” Carrillo…i asked him to do some rhino studies as an exercise and heres what he came up with…he’s been having problems logging into WordPress, but once he gets in, be prepared for some scary s*t….

Rhino low perspective


Rhino heads