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Vector Render

I have been experimenting with digital media recently and have been really into soft good recently with my sketching. It has been a nice change of pace from my usual stuff. This is an vector render full exploded view of a project I worked on last year. Good way to brush up on creating textures and manipulating vector work.


2 sketches from down time at work. Also I took the sketches and photographed them with my phone and used a photo editor to mess with them, leaving me with the last 2 black and white ones.





Happy New Years from Lineweights!

can’t ring in the new year without one more sketch blog!  can you guess who i ripped this sketch off from? (i did sketch it myself)


Here’s another for good measure.

Dead Western

Painted THM

THM stands for Top Hat Man.

Anyway, Just did a quick render over the original sketch. I might go back and finish him up or see what else i can do with him.

another guy with a top hat! Sketch

Number 2 pencil and a fine tip sharpie.

Life is fast

YO! everyone. I try and draw trans every now and then. Its a fun and good way to get some mileage in. Inspiration was Anthony Printis is a few of these drawings. Especially the truck. Drew that when I was at bae working on the JLTV.

Some Guy

Random sketch while i was in class.

robots n trooper

Was checking out Spencer’s new blog…sketch a day…and it is so inspiring and something we should all be shooting for, sketching everyday…whatever it is, just keep on pounding the mileage…by the way, if you haven’t picked up Mechanika by Doug Chiang

…….please do so immediately!!!



Hey guys, here are the final shots of the finished product. I call it hill, for obvious reasons..hehe. It’s is an interplay of floor, wall, and roof to break up our flat campus. My inspiration was the silicone valley hills that surround us. There is some more stuff on this on my site at

cd cover art contest winner

the winning artwork that is featured on our 2009 demo:

and some additional art from others voluntarily contributing:

thanks to all that participated!

if you would like a copy of our demo, please visit our webstore:

squadrons webstore

Senior Project Sketches

Its been some time since I had to opportunity to post anything up here.  So, here are some quick sketches and color studies from my portfolio that I did back in school.