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rapunzel…part 2

here are the two rapunzel sketches i promised my little niece Asia…sketched on 11×17 trace paper (the cheap stuff, i just like the wrinkled, tattered, and gritty feel of it)…used col erase and prisma…can’t wait to take my nieces to see the movie

underlays, the rough stuff…

repunzel 2repunzel-3-WEB

the finals…




Fairies and flowers and stuff

Yes, it is true…dom and i were sketching fairies for a minute…and you know what? it was actually fun…this led to me landing my toughest clients, my lovely nieces who demaded fairies left and right, nothing less than perfect…but i love my girls and whatever they want they get…by the way, Neena, i hope u didnt lose your tinkerbell sketch…

here are the inital underlays for Rani the water fairy


and the final