The newest addition to lineweights…jason stone…a little background on this ultra talented cat…he graduated from Academy of Art (SF), worked at Ford, Insight, did some consulting, returned to Academy of Art to teach Viz 1 classes and now is the design mgr/senior designer where i work…dom & i are working on getting him a slot here, but for now im just gonna post some of the stuff i swiped from his desk…jason will also be posting tutorials and tools soon (the stuff he used when teaching at the Academy)…he loves transportation design and always tells me “Wheels FIRST!!!…always draw your wheels first!!!”…thanks jstone for jumping on board!


quick audi sketch


    • jason
    • June 19th, 2009

    Thanks for inviting me and then deleting me…Nice one.

    • Jason, I was cleaning the site about 3+ weeks ago…and I sent several emails to those that had not posted at all or in the lat 3 months. I didnt hear anything back from you regarding this matter. We invited you to join the site to contribute, and its hard to when we are all busy. Hope there are no hard feelings.

    • piggy yeo
    • July 6th, 2009

    Your car so nice! How I wish I can draw like u but it will be impossible. Haiz…

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