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Hey All, I’m  a friend of Chad’s from Ottawa. Thought I’d jump into the mix with a shortish tablet sketch. I’m a soccer player and I’d love a pair of these.

sketch of a soccer cleat

sketch of a soccer cleat

Lucky #7

…so when I stumbled up those Racer Ships thumbnails today,  I decided to sketch one out in closer detail.  I used the bottom left thumbnail from the prevous post and sketched it out on 11×17.  Here is…Lucky #7


Racer Ship- Thumbnails

A few months ago I thumbnailed a few pages of flying/ racer ships, and sort of forgot all about them.  Here is just one page, the bottom left corner ship has a cool feel to it.


Underlay for a Helicopter

I worked on an underlay for an apache style helicopter from my head. I looked at the real one after and they are quite a bit different. I’ll try to do another sketch tomorrow night using this as an underlay like Dom did with the space ship.



Shout out to the Stone Man!


Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy from batman the animated series…


ship demo 1.1


ship demo 1


1 person Jet

Just a small one person jet for small trips…


Ocean City

You never know…