The Shrine Movie Artwork

Hey Guys,

Well I know I’ve been MIA for too long! So I thought I’d share what I’ve been so busy with during my sketch time! I’ve been helping my friends who are producing a feature film this summer. They asked me to work on a teaser poster for the movie and develop a logo. The movie is called “The Shrine” Here is the synopsis of the movie:

“After a young American backpacker goes missing in Europe, a group of journalists link his disappearance to a remote Polish village called Alvaina. Upon further investigation, the journalists discover that Alvaina has a history of bizarre cult activity revolving around human sacrifice. Hellbent on revealing the truth, they travel to the small village to uncover the story first hand. But after the discovery of an ancient stone statue hidden within the town, they quickly find themselves pursued by a mysterious and vengeful group of locals. Forced into the gruesome reality of true survival horror, the journalists soon realize that Alvaina hides a much darker secret than they could ever imagine.”

So I thought I’d share some of my process…

Quick Ideation Thumbnails

Quick Ideation Thumbnails

A few days in I sent them this “Comp” Artwork along with a bunch of reference images of old gargoyles and roman ruins etc. also reference images of fog as in the movie the statue is surrounded by fog. The idea was to be looking up at the statue like an observer that took a photograph of this thing. I wanted it to look like anyone could have come across this in the woods and taken a photograph. Realism was my inspiration.

Comp Artwork

Comp Artwork

This was composited with Photoshop. I had a picture of a maquette of the statue that I used to help with the poster. The next image is the result of a HUGE photoshop file where I composited pictures of trees, 3D renders of the statue and base and did alot of digital painting. It was alot of work but a lot of fun! There were many iterations to get to this but here is the final.

Final Poster

Final Poster

Thats the story of the poster. I’m going to do another post that goes through the logo design that actually proved to be more challenging than the poster itself! A movie title is a brand after all!

    • joncorpuz
    • July 31st, 2009

    Dude, this is so bad ass! Thanks so much for giving us insight into your process and work…you are amazing!!! Your so lucky to have that hook into the industry, Dom showed me the trailer you did for that one movie, so impressive! Glad to have your stuff back on…let me know if you guys need any extra hands for the movie…

  1. Chad….I mirror every comment Jon has here! This is so f’n awesome bro! I love seeing the process and progression of the look and feel of the logo. As well the Teaser poster is amazing man! You are a man of many talents bro, and it really shows in this work! Well done brother…and let me know if you need and grips on the set!

  2. Very impressive! Seems like most movie posters are too obvious (floating actor heads, haha), but I really like how this has a sense of mystery…it makes me want to go see the movie. Great type treatment on the bottom, too. I’m not sure if that’s part of the movie but I like how it’s “hidden” within the other words.

    The final version came a long way from that earlier sketch! I like how the statue isn’t alive, but it looks like it might pounce on you once you get close to it. I think that kind of anticipation is what makes this poster so successful. Good work!

  3. I absolutely loved this movie. I found this page while looking up more information on the statue. Did you design it yourself or was that an asset they gave you to work with? Great job. It must feel awesome to have contributed to this project.

    • Teak Borchardt
    • May 15th, 2012

    When will you make replica statues, for sale, of The Shrine’s statue? That is my kind of wicked gargoyle. And the poster is great; it really makes one wonder what it’s about.

  1. April 14th, 2012

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