H is for Hippo on a Hayabusa

I just ordered my Miachael Yamada Zoom Zoo ABC’s and can’t wait to get them http://eca.bigcartel.com/product/test3 …this is a must buy!

…for the letter “H“, Michael drew a Hedgehog in his racer…but Megan Hohlfeld wanted a Hippo on a Hayabusa, so I drew her one!

A fun sketch to start off my new Moleskine…thanks Megan

Daily Faces

meeting sketch…

Happy Mikulás!

Happy Mikulás baba!  I just wanted to share with you today on Hungarian Mikulás a happy evening!

Mikulás is similar to a Santa Clause like figure, but he represent Saint Nicholas

Traditionally on Mikulas children put out their freshly cleaned boot on the window sill waiting for him to come by in the night and fill their boots with treats.  Good kids get things like sweets, nuts fruit, chocolate, while the bad kids get coal, switches and wooden spoons! This year Zsuzsa gets both 🙂

Boldog Mikulás! (happy mikulas)



sketching faceoff!

Megan asked me to sketch the design team @ work and this is the result…I had to remove the sketch of myself cuz everyone was making fun of me saying i look like a Mexican game show host…whatever.

Anyhow, i’ve been trying to do a “sketch a face-a-day” project and should post them, but I know some people will request that i take em down…we will see


iPad sketching

Sketching on the iPad…gotta keep on practicing!

Monster mania…

Watched human centipede the other night…decided to take a different route…

Saw this dude at target the other night…

Jr Lineweights

Kei, my god daughter, is really into drawing monsters these days…probably from all the ghost and monster stories i tell her…

So she drew for me (on my iPad) a monster…i loved it so much i did my own version of this multi eyed bearded with a curly mustache monster….hope you like it Kei!

Megan colored him for me…this guy was a tag team effort!

Batman #1 is out!

Today Batman #1, part of DC’s All New 52 came out!  I cant put this comic down, fantastic art work by Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder and Jonathan Glapion!  Started with one post it, and worked my way out..I might just sketch the whole cover using post its.  Hope you enjoy!