Sticking on the subject of females…

I found this drawing I did as a commission for someone a few years back. Back then I was really into vectoring my inks making them really nice and crisp, but it also took a lot of time. First one is the sketch done in col-erase pencil and defined with HB graphite. Below is the drawing vectorized in Illustrator.

samuri chick sketch

samuri chick inked



Here are some quick doodles I sketched a while back.  This was still col-erase pencils with Hi-Tec C’s on sketch paper.


rescuing rapunzel…

As everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Disney/Pixar, and I’m totally excited about their new film Rapunzel…so I’m roughing out a sketch for my little niece (the Boss), Asia…it’ll be a two part sketch with the following and a shot of her looking out of the tower with her hair flowing down..i’ll update the post once i finish…unfortuately i’m gonna be outta town this holiday weekend…so here’s an early look at what i got so far…


Capt. Ahab (Mouse version!)


Thumbs Refined:AhabRefined



Illustration: Uhh some sort of gate leading to empty land….



I drew up a few quick sketches to play with proportion of head/boadie (body) size.  The second dude kinda looks like Jason Furby.

landlord penfurby

female faces