Cars 2!!!

We sure are super excited for the new Cars movie…well at least Dom n I are!…so, once upon a time we worked together and created an intern design challenge for ourselves that involved the marketing interns. This was our first chance to run through the ID process and come up with some cool stuff and work with people outside of design…

Here’s a slice of one of our brainstorms:

Our top choice concepts:

This here’s RandoMater…he randomly falls apart as the child plays with him and they have to help put him together. He talks so that he can give them clues as to what is wrong and if they fixed the right thing. To turn him off, the child covers his eyes and then he goes to sleep!

And then we had Dom’s sweet drifter Cars concept with the 5th wheel that allowed the car the slide into the turn…

Who wouldn’t want a Lightning Mcqueen helmet with walkie talkie and cushion for your head so you can sleep and a visor to block out the sun…and the LED lightning bolt too “Kachow!”

Dom had this wonderful idea to help kids save $ and in return get to power their Lightning Mcqueen…a piggy bank gas station that filled up an electric charge as you put $ in!

And then there was Dom’s nugget…the Cars Car Wash set, which he really set aim to find an activity that both father and son could enjoy doing together (we love our Pops’)!

Last but not least was our concept blast off that Dom and I had where we just cut loose…kept it rough and thumbnail style, just trying to capture the ideas as quickly as possible…

We learned quite a bit and had tons of fun…the next step of course would have been to get these prototyped (something unfortunately we didn’t get to 😦 but nevertheless…)

  1. Love your work, mate!! I’m always interested in marker selection for sketching. I’m not a fan of the typical cylindrical ‘fineliner’ rather something like the Faber-Castell Multimark-superfine or the Staedlter Lumocolor-superfine. They are permanent though.

    What have you used here? Would love you to do an article on pen choice, ink types [alcohol, etc] and paper choice…

    thanks for a great read and inspiration!!

    Regards, Andrew

    • joncorpuz
    • August 17th, 2011

    Thanks Andrew!
    I mainly use a cheap BIC medium point and Sharpie Ultra fine point…thanks for your advice on posting an article on pen choice, ink types and paper choice, we need to do that!

    • Anonymous
    • August 22nd, 2011

    Thanks for the response, JC, looking forward to a medium comparision…..


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