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The Power of Thumbnails

I think people over look these valuable drawings. An exploration of ideas is vital to seeing all the possibilities in design.

I know there have been many motorcycle mechs designed but I’m sure not all possible designs have been explored.


New Box Tutorial

We’ve added a new tutorial in the tutorial + techniques area.  We shall inform you of anymore updates.


I found tracing paper…

Rummaging about at work I was suprised to find tracing paper. Hey, that’s pretty nifty. Nuthin’ like the feel of a pilot pen running across tracing paper.



Something for my cousin who is graduating this weekend. Gonna be in So Cal. I do plan to catch a flight back to SJ by noon in time for some zoo sketching shenanigans.


Amuro, ikimasu!

Back in July of 2007 I started working at Panasonic R&D. The first few weeks I had no computer so I drew a lot. I found this old doodle I did of the RX-78 mobile suit from GUNDAM UC 0079, one of the few mecha I can still draw from memory.


Sticking on the subject of females…

I found this drawing I did as a commission for someone a few years back. Back then I was really into vectoring my inks making them really nice and crisp, but it also took a lot of time. First one is the sketch done in col-erase pencil and defined with HB graphite. Below is the drawing vectorized in Illustrator.

samuri chick sketch

samuri chick inked

But can it walk?

This was done digitally when I still had my Intuos 2. Back when I was playing Starcraft I was inspired by the siege-tank and attempted to make a siege mech. I wasn’t too happy with it but it allowed me for great exploration. Back in the days of Mech Warrior my buddies would argue that mech were basically tanks with legs, and if the legs where taken out it would just be a turret depending how it landed. But I didn’t care. Mechs exist for good sci-fi stories and toys.


Someday I hope to ride to work in one of these…

Back in my second visualization class towards the end of the semester, I had a little fun and strayed away from the mundane drawing of products and pinned this up on the wall among with our vacuum cleaner drawings. A lot of people told me that I should of gone into animation/illustration, but I’m glad I stuck it out in ID.


Pilots and Mechanics

Sometimes I think that maybe I should have been an accountant. But then I wouldn’t be able to post nice sketches here if I did.


Where are the mechs???

Thanks Jon for figuring out the adding members to blog issue.  Pretty complicated stuff.  Thanks for allowing me to be part of this group as well.  I hope to learn and develop my lineweight skills and become up to par with the caliber of sketching here.

Spider Mech