But can it walk?

This was done digitally when I still had my Intuos 2. Back when I was playing Starcraft I was inspired by the siege-tank and attempted to make a siege mech. I wasn’t too happy with it but it allowed me for great exploration. Back in the days of Mech Warrior my buddies would argue that mech were basically tanks with legs, and if the legs where taken out it would just be a turret depending how it landed. But I didn’t care. Mechs exist for good sci-fi stories and toys.


    • joncorpuz
    • May 1st, 2009

    love the huge feet and over sized turret!!!! and what a game Starcraft was…the game that turned me over to RTS games…amazing…”En Taro Adun!”….i fully agree with you on the basis of mechs…hmmmmm kings…i think i just realized why we dont have girlfriends…hmmmmm…besides the fact that we still live at home….

  1. Gary,Way cool site!!! The second skcteh was done by John Mack, maybe the third also (not sure). Bob Munson is sitting down doing the tape drawing (tiring work at times) and Mark Kaski is standing and taping (not as many lines yet). Along with John Cafaro at the buck is Gene Meso, Chief Sculptor, standing on the left and Designer Kirk Bennion is sitting in it. Hey, why is Ted Polak skctehing real time on paper? It’s all virtual now!Regards,Glen

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