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Street Fighter Faces

street fighter heads

quick spaceship

I just got the Daniel Simon book and decided that I needed to  threw this down in prisma, sharpie and chartpak on cheap trace.     Lineweight? Lineweight!  Thanks Daniel for great inspiration!


But can it walk?

This was done digitally when I still had my Intuos 2. Back when I was playing Starcraft I was inspired by the siege-tank and attempted to make a siege mech. I wasn’t too happy with it but it allowed me for great exploration. Back in the days of Mech Warrior my buddies would argue that mech were basically tanks with legs, and if the legs where taken out it would just be a turret depending how it landed. But I didn’t care. Mechs exist for good sci-fi stories and toys.


Someday I hope to ride to work in one of these…

Back in my second visualization class towards the end of the semester, I had a little fun and strayed away from the mundane drawing of products and pinned this up on the wall among with our vacuum cleaner drawings. A lot of people told me that I should of gone into animation/illustration, but I’m glad I stuck it out in ID.



This was my final for my Anatomy class. Basically we were required to combine a human with an animal.


My rendition of Dhalsim

Being possibly the weakest character in the street fighter franchise, here is telling everyone he is number 1.


Pilots and Mechanics

Sometimes I think that maybe I should have been an accountant. But then I wouldn’t be able to post nice sketches here if I did.


go sharks!!!

On a day like today, when the San Jose Sharks enter battle to start the Stanley Cup Playoffs, against their arch enemies the Anaheim Ducks….I could think of nothing better to sketch then the very animal they represent….The Great White Shark.  And as I sit at home by the Ocean side, and look out to the great Pacific Blue, I can think of nothing more then the fierce animal lurking below.  I wish you good luck Sharks, and may you find the inner strength that it takes to win every battle.  Go Sharks!!!


go sharks!!!

A few of my favorites…

Put this page together compiling a few of my favorites.  “W” on the left, Vader on the right, our buddy jsuN vs. robojsuN in the center….good fun!

ps…sorry about JarJar, i know it kinda brings down your day a little bit.


T-rex Thumbnail

…T-rex thumbnail sketch done last night on the ride home.  I started the larger version of it, watch out for them later today.



What the frak were we thinkin Dom?


Box in the Ghost

Mom made me go to church and i got bored


Forest Crane

Just a tutorial I tried out from the book “Design Sketching”