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bird flu zombies vs. pig flu zombies!!!

Who would win?  I feel like the aerial attack of the zombie birds would really take the zombie pigs by suprise…but once the pigs got ahold of the birds, they may be no match for the ferousious jaws of the zombie pigs!  Your thoughts?!?!?birdvspigsps…this sketch was inspired by Jon’s amazing Pig Flu Zombies sketch below…if you have not seen it, take a good look!


Pig Flu Zombies!!!…

So, i was watching the news a couple days ago and they were showing how one town in Mexico cleared out, out of fear of the swine flu and there wasn’t a soul on the streets…totally reminded me of 28 days later…then i was listening to the “noname show” on Live105, and no name started going off on pig zombies and the swine flu and i couldn’t stop laughing and had to throw down this thumbnail…


which of course led to this macabre sketch….just trying to make light of this pandemic…sorry if it grosses anyone out…