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the creature feature show…

I found these old sketches from our junior year @SJSU for a warm up project that Prof Mcclusky had us do for our wearable technology concept for Nokia…the premise was great…design an alien creature that lived on you (be it symbiotic or parasitic relationship) and tell a story about the relationship that the human and alien shared…this was a 1 week warm up and we had to also build it in CAD (we were promised SLA’s…we’re still waiting for those…)

Here’s a shotgun blast of some of my concepts…i ended up going with the top left concept…basically it lived on your face and when you sneezed, rather than you using your hands to cover your face or just sneezing out in the air, this creature would spread its gills over your mouth and eat all your mucus, boogers, and what not…this was during the time of the Bird Flu…

Alex n Dan please post your sketches if you can find them, ya’ll had some cool ones…Dan’s ate your brains if i remember correctly, to make u forget things…



bird flu zombies vs. pig flu zombies!!!

Who would win?  I feel like the aerial attack of the zombie birds would really take the zombie pigs by suprise…but once the pigs got ahold of the birds, they may be no match for the ferousious jaws of the zombie pigs!  Your thoughts?!?!?birdvspigsps…this sketch was inspired by Jon’s amazing Pig Flu Zombies sketch below…if you have not seen it, take a good look!