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high on fructose…

been awhile since ive picked up a good magazine and cut loose sketching and getting inspired and what not…James Jean is definitely one of my favorite  illustrators…i just needed a break, needed to breath a little, this is what i like to do from time to time to warm up and loosen up (oh yeah, dom’s warm ups are good too)



daily meanderings…..part 2

i have no idea…meandering i guess…does anyone remember Battle Beasts?…a panda zombie girl, don’t touch that, goldfish, pull the trigger already, bears, and brains…our european vacation isn’t coming quick enough, im thoroughly going  insane…


daily meanderings

from left to right…a smile (i think)…a man with a huge square chin, tough as nails…my friends just got a baby terrier, his name is Rocky…my little niece Asia (whom i drew the Repunzel sketches for), she’s a big inspiration…my other key inspiration, my baby sister, Stacy, who just got a job teaching English (i used the mechanical pencil she bought me for my birthday to draw this)…