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inspired by my good friends and all-time-favorite band kidcrash.  i drew this from the top of my head of what i knew of how these animals look like, so if these look weird to you just remember i had no references. 



caltrain seats

this is for dan, i saw this and i can’t help but visualize dan putting his face in that gap staring at someone.


two of my favorite coworkers

sketched a somewhat characterization of two of my co-workers.  i’m sure they’d hate to find this online.





portraits of an anonymous dude

yo Dom, i know you got some sketches somewhere of mister annoymous…u need to throw down….man i dont think he ever sleeps…


Holla back…yadada mean…

Just one of those days i guess…i just get so tired…a brain dump of sorts…i wish i could make a vinyl…i want to make a vinyl…where the wild things are, the movie…one of the few things i have to look forward too…need to sleep….


happy turtle

Here is a sketch I did for my little cousins 4th Birthday.  I been working on animals, and sharks and such from finding Finding Nemo (the Art of…is amazing)…some good practice for some upcoming work I have coming.  Happy Birthday LOLA!  



My rendition of Dhalsim

Being possibly the weakest character in the street fighter franchise, here is telling everyone he is number 1.


Of Goats and Men

I often enjoy drawing weird people just to see if I can capture the essence of what makes them weird.  Other times I just like drawing for the hell of it.  This is just a quick sketch of the face of a centaur.