Assignment #8…sketch breakdown

This was our Assignment 8 for Dom’s class (he let me be his sidekick to help him out this semester)…we basically had them take an existing product and break it down to its fundamental primitive shapes, and then had them closely study its overall form and sketch it out in perspective with orthos…most our students only had photos from the web to reference so it was a bit challenging…the ultimate goal for this assignment was to understand how to see past all the small details (logos, finishes, etc) and really hone in on the proportion, the build up of primitive forms,  how to sketch a simple product with those primitives  in multiple perspectives, and working/referencing the orthos…

Dom will be posting up the upcoming demo’s soon, we just gotta scan em in…so here are quick snap shots of the building process

Always start with roughed out orthos to understand the overall form and proportions

play around with perspective with rough thumbnails

study the subject matter, its design, primitive forms and subtleties

now that we have the supporting material we can start to sketch it out…

  1. Jon, you got an A on this one man! Seriously thou, great break down…even though I advised most of the students to stay away from something as complex as the mixer…u pulled it off! NiCe!

  2. fine…how about an F, u happy now?

    • joncorpuz
    • April 16th, 2010

    Yes! Thank u Domy!

    • dancrlo
    • April 22nd, 2010

    HAHA nows the time to show 5 point perspective.

      • joncorpuz
      • April 22nd, 2010

      Uhhhhh….no…”iz a waypon”-dew dizzle master of 5pt

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