cd cover art CONTEST?! UPDATED

UPDATED – We will be choosing a winner between december 11th-14th

just thought i’d do something a little fun and have a little contest for my little band.

my group squadrons will be releasing a 4-track demo and we would like to support anyone interested in showing off their art.  we encourage you guys to submit any form of art you would like to have featured on our cd sleeve and/or t-shirts for this demo release.  the winner will get a nifty prize (approx. $50 in value), along with a copy of our demo and a shirt (and maybe featured in a music video we are planning to film).

keep in mind that your art will be fitted on a 5×5 medium.  it may help to listen to the music while you create!  sketch what you hear!  that’s an interesting exercise!

squadrons on myspace

squadrons on facebook

please title your emails “CONTEST” and send to:

or if you have questions feel free to comment on this post or email the band.

our logo was inspired by some wall art found at SJSU’s art building.  you don’t have to use our logo, in fact we would prefer something different.

  1. ALex,

    Can I enter? Where is the “fine print” that says family and friends cannot win!?

    Love this idea thou…hope 1000’s of people enter! SQUADRONNNNNNSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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