I thought this would be funny.  I used to date a girl that was vegan, and she wouldn’t eat anything with a face.  I used to joke that if veggies would scream, maybe she would start eating meat again.  Quick sketch pencil on paper.veggies

  1. DAN! Dude, thats old school Dan at his best! Man, I could see this as a funny ass short, one scene of them getting mangled and cooked up….Remember that 80’s commercial with the Veggies, Milk and other foods talkin in the fridge…like that bud twisted…maybe even TIGHT ass clay-mation…like Corpse Bride level!

    • joncorpuz
    • July 1st, 2009

    hahahahahahha….vegetales man…too funny…dan you just have a way of turning anything into a morbid scene…awesome sketch, love it!

    • Kingsley Leong
    • July 2nd, 2009

    This kind of reminds me of the big illustrations on the walls at Pita Pit where there are food products with big googly eyes. I really like the celery.

    • dancrlo
    • July 2nd, 2009

    Oh thats right Dom, I think that was a baking soda commercial right?

    • I don’t understand why a byclcie club meeting should ever be heated.’ Riding is suppose to be a joy. Your painting is amazing. You really captured the tense nature of the moment. Thanks for sharing.

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