Gundam lives

So I was doing my daily check-up and stumbled across an article that proved just how crazy/awesome the Japanese are. Check it out at the link below. Again, worked with the red Micron.


    • alessandrocayetano
    • June 11th, 2009

    yeah that is definately something we have to see when we go to nihon. you are going apesh*t with those microns!

    • joncorpuz
    • June 11th, 2009

    Frak yeah! this is so sic Schawn!!! love it…so, kings…you got competition with the gundam ish!…by the way your thumbnail for your mugshot there is tight, ur a jumping machine you nut!

    • Kingsley Leong
    • June 11th, 2009

    Snappity doo da day! I’m gonna head off to Japan!

  1. MICRON-A-THON! Nice link to the reference bud, look f’n sick man! Shawn ur batting 2-2 with the line work man, Im really digging the style bro. Bring that ish to the Zoo and those baby monkey’s are gonna have no idea what hit them!

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