rapunzel…part 2

here are the two rapunzel sketches i promised my little niece Asia…sketched on 11×17 trace paper (the cheap stuff, i just like the wrinkled, tattered, and gritty feel of it)…used col erase and prisma…can’t wait to take my nieces to see the movie

underlays, the rough stuff…

repunzel 2repunzel-3-WEB

the finals…



  1. Dear Jon,

    I hate you very much.



    Ps…this is one fine sketch brother. This is were my anger brews for your well established sketching prowess. For real though, these sketches remind me of…get this…do you remember watching Saturday Disney cartoons on I think it was ABC (channel 7) back in the 80’s. On Saturdays they had this “inside Disney hour, like 1-2pm” where they showed the kids some of the upcoming new movies and the “behind the scenes”. Well this one episode stands out in my head where they walked through the Disney Studios when they were working on Oliver & Company and Little Mermaid. They showed a bunch of the Illustrators working on the development sketches (like urs above), and how much work it really took to get a movie made. Well done bro, you have really captured the feeling of what a sketch would be like working on this project!


    • joncorpuz
    • June 8th, 2009

    Dear Dom,
    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you like your watch!

    Ps…dude i watched all that stuff religiously growing up and i have always been sketching disney stuff since i can remember (wish my mom kept my sketches). and so, here is where i got my reference for those rapunzel sketches: from an interview of the two brilliant and stellar directors of disney’s upcoming film, rapunzel, where they show the inside of their studio with a wall of sketches, all development stuff (just like the “inside the disney hour”). They talked about having John Lasseter as a mentor on the set (they are so lucky!)…and yes, i wish i worked for disney/pixar doing voice overs and concept sketching…but alas i ended up doing product design, but who knows, maybe i still have a shot…

  2. Jon,

    This is really inspiring, I love your line work. I totally agree with Dom, you would see this kinda work in the “Art of” type of books….

    • joncorpuz
    • June 8th, 2009

    Thanks guys!

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