Maker Faire- San Mateo, Ca

Sketched these out while working over at the Maker Faire last weekend.  Love the Maker Faire, its like a steam/cyberpunk party mixed with a circus!  This was the 4th year I have gone/worked at the Maker Faire, and it was a lot of fun this year!

Maker Faire

    • joncorpuz
    • June 5th, 2009

    Man i totally missed it this year…so cupcake racers are so cool, i heard they go to burning man…tight sketch, i wanna hitch a ride on the snail mobile!

  1. Ya bro, this year the Maker Faire was larger then ever! The production team did a bang up job organizing and setting it up this year. Ya man, alot of the stuff from Maker, is or was originally created for Burning Man (and vice verse). Thanks bro, gotta sketch more stuff I seen over there, cause that place is full of inspirational “things”. The Snail Mobile was my favorite, made outta oxidized old metal!

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