Girl Sketch

Hey Guys,

Been awhile since my last, but I’ll be dropping more stuff from now on… working on sketching the beauty that is the woman. Inspired by Daniel Simon’s pin up style sketches of women. Let me know your feedback (honest stuff only, you can’t hurt my feelings!)  Oh I just added a few layers in photoshop but also posted the base sketch. I tried to make here look sexy, but she looks scared…haha

Scared Girl

Scared Girl

Still Scared

Still Scared

  1. What up Chadwicky, drop that shit sun! Dude, so whats makin her look scared rather then sexy, has alot to do with the line work on her lips. Its all about the Lips right? Mouths/Lips are hella tough, simple gestural lines seem to capture mood much better. Try it out bud, just by putting down less lines in the mouth area, but ones that are more confident and expressive. Glad ur back kid! DO IT LIVE!

  2. Thanks Dom,

    I think your right, I’m gonna have a go at it again. faces are tough for sure, but I like the challenge! I like the feedback, I was trying to encourage feedback on our site so we give props to each others work but also advice on improving each others work!…

    • joncorpuz
    • May 20th, 2009

    Chad, have you taken any life drawing classes or sessions?…its the best way to learn, or just drawing from real life people (during meetings, class, outside in the park, etc)…i think that we all should go on 2 field trips, and try to get as many people as we can get…the first, is to go to a life drawing session (dom, we can hit up shrunkenheadman for this) its 3hrs for 3 bux, what a steal!!!….the second is that we go to the Zoo, sketching animals from life is one the of the best exercises and is totally fun!!!
    As far as your sketch, first thing is to get those proportions down…keep your lines fluid and flowing…
    Good job and keep on drawing…faces are fun!

  3. Dude’s- Lets plan a Zoo trip ASAP! Sketch Monkeys all day long. Lineweights LIVE!!! F*** IT, lets DO IT LIVE!

  4. Thanks Jon,

    I only taken a few life drawing sessions but I would love to take more. I’m going to keep working at it…Can’t wait for the zoo bro!

    • dancrlo
    • May 21st, 2009

    Facial expressions are very hard to draw because of the subtleties needed in the line work. for a sexy pose, try drawing her teeth closed with slightly poutier lips. Also beware of the shape of her irises. If her irises/pupils are too small she will look scared. There are a few books on facial expressions you can pick up if interested. Overall though nice work, it reminds me of a film noir style.

  5. Now u draw a sexy girl dan! do it, do it live!

    • dad
    • July 2nd, 2009

    the only part of this face that is afraid of something is the left eye that is partially covered by the hair. this fear is captured nicely here and is convincing. very good.

  6. hey can u draw a girl looking out of the window.

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