Faces 2

I’m trying out different styles.  Pilot Hi-Tec C’s do not work well over Verithins


  1. Dan, I like the blue and black contrast. Have you tried to use veri-thins + pilot flairs? or dude, i know which combo works well…. verithins + pilot Razor Point II’s (the Dark Gray and Silver Cap ones). They have a very fine tip (which will replicate ur Hi-Tec’s nicely). Give it a try bud. Also, what kinda paper are u sketching on…is that just like a standard bond, or more like a sketching bond (lb’s are a bit higher). If its sketching bond, the pilot razor point II will have a tendency to bleed a little. Roll the dice thou man, finding the right combo can be fun.

    • dancrlo
    • May 21st, 2009

    Yeah, I’m trying various things. I like using the pencil (verithin or graphite) in the planning stages of the drawing to keep it loose, but for finishing lines I need something sharper. I’ll try out some of those combinations. thanks…

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